Numerous utilities of Polystyrene

Can be put to several uses:

Basically Polystyrene is manufactured from one of the extracts of petroleum. Interestingly, Polystyrene is lightweight but is capable of absorbing shocks. Because of this characteristic, this product is being largely used in the packaging industry. The versatile Polystyrene is also used in the manufacture of toys, few of the construction related products like the nuts and bolts, cutleries like the cups, plates and so on.  Polystyrene is also being used in the electrical industries also.  In fact, the beans in your beanbag are also a product of Polystyrene.

Eco friendly:

On the other hand, this product is eco friendly. It can be recycled several times. Some people argue they are very slow in the process of biodegradation. But, it is argued that since the product are recycled; they do not cause any harmful effect on the environment. The product is available in different colors. Normally, they are available in sheets of varying sizes and thickness.

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Expanded Polystyrene is a great boon for the packaging industry

Brief introduction:

The packaging industry has derived greater benefits from the expanded Polystyrene also called as EPS. As you know, one of the unique qualities of EPS is its ability to absorb shocks and jerks. This is one of the greatest utility of Expanded Polystyrene for the packaging industry. In so far as the process of manufacture of EPS is concerned, the polystyrene beads are further processed in a steam chamber. After this process, using a different technology the beads are strengthened. Now, the beads gain volume. They become resistant to shocks and jerks and they will also gain the strength to withstand considerable weight.

Other utilities:

Apart from the packaging industry, this unique product is used in various other industries like the electrical industry where it is used as an insulator. In the chemical industry, it is used for storing and transporting chemicals and other solvents. In the medical industry, it is used for packing and transporting highly sterile materials. In short EPS products have multifarious utilities.

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Benefits of sheets made out of Polystyrene

Sheets are used for making the end product:

As you know, polystyrene blocks and beads are extensively used in packaging industries and in various other industries. In fact, these industries use the Polystyrene Sheets for manufacturing the final products. Take for example the toy industry. Toys are made by cutting the sheets made out of polystyrene into appropriate size and shape. They are then colored and decorated appropriately. Therefore, the end product of Polystyrene industry, namely the sheets become the raw material for other industries like the electrical, construction, toys and so on.

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Available in different sizes and thickness:

The sheets are available in different sizes and thickness. The normal size is 1200mmX600mm with thickness varying from 25 mm to 100 mm. There is another larger size sheet which measures 2440mmX1200mm with varying thickness. Most of the manufacturers of these sheets also bring out customized sheets with required sizes, thickness and also color combination. The Polystyrene products are considerably economical and they are eco friendly also.

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What are the unique features of expanded polystyrene?

What is EPS Polystyrene?

As you know polystyrene has become a very important product in the packaging industry. This is because Polystyrene is a good shock absorber and also it is lightweight. In order to extend the utilities of Polystyrene, manufactures have added extra density to it and made it expanded polystyrene and this is abbreviated as EPS. These polystyrene (EPS) packaging materials are able to absorb extra shock and weight. At the same time, it also acts as a very effective step to protect the goods from getting damaged.

Types of  EPS products:

In addition to the above, the EPS products are also known for their ability to protect the goods from atmospheric pollution and also against moisture. With the help of this EPS technology, manufacturers have come up with products in different shapes like square, corners, balls, and rectangle and so on. As experts say, the EPS products have greater versatile application than those without it.

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How Polystyrene helps packaging industry?

A favorite packaging tool:

Polystyrene is a lightweight material. It has the capability to withstand shocks. It is because of these two main qualities, Polystyrene has become a popular option in the packaging industry. The polystyrene packaging has several other utilities also. There was a time when this product was molded into the shape of corners or into L shape, caps, and plates and so on. But, now the polystyrene packaging has got new dimension.

Helps in easy transportation:

Since the recent past, packaging of materials has been done in a tray molded out of polystyrene. This is considered as a revolutionary change in the packaging industry. The design of the trays is customized to suit the material that is being kept in the tray. Such trays are being extensively used for packing delicate items like glass, artifacts and such other materials. With this type of packing, the product can be comfortably transported without causing any damage to the product.

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Polystyrene is popular in packaging and construction industry

Popular manufacturers:

As you may be aware, polystyrene is being widely used in the packaging industry as an effective packaging tool. It is also being used in the construction industry for various purposes. Apart from these, polystyrene is also used in the toy industry, consumer goods and so on. Eccleston and Hart are one of the popular manufacturers of numerous polystyrene related products

bolt box.

Manufacture numerous products:

The range of products manufactured by them include sheets of various sizes, bead bags, loose fill packaging materials, moldings like corner protectors, bolts, nuts and so on. In addition to these, they also manufacture Christmas trees, stars and Angels which are widely used in Christmas and New Year decorations. This company based in the UK is believed to have been established in 1837.

The products are available on money back warranty valid for seven days. Defective articles will be replaced subject to certain terms and conditions. Orders can be placed online and delivery schedule will be intimated on receipt of firm order.

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