Polystyrene is popular in packaging and construction industry

Popular manufacturers:

As you may be aware, polystyrene is being widely used in the packaging industry as an effective packaging tool. It is also being used in the construction industry for various purposes. Apart from these, polystyrene is also used in the toy industry, consumer goods and so on. Eccleston and Hart are one of the popular manufacturers of numerous polystyrene related products

bolt box.

Manufacture numerous products:

The range of products manufactured by them include sheets of various sizes, bead bags, loose fill packaging materials, moldings like corner protectors, bolts, nuts and so on. In addition to these, they also manufacture Christmas trees, stars and Angels which are widely used in Christmas and New Year decorations. This company based in the UK is believed to have been established in 1837.

The products are available on money back warranty valid for seven days. Defective articles will be replaced subject to certain terms and conditions. Orders can be placed online and delivery schedule will be intimated on receipt of firm order.

If you want to know more about polystyrene and its benefits visit here: http://ecclestons.com/expanded-polystyrene-packaging.htm


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