How Polystyrene helps packaging industry?

A favorite packaging tool:

Polystyrene is a lightweight material. It has the capability to withstand shocks. It is because of these two main qualities, Polystyrene has become a popular option in the packaging industry. The polystyrene packaging has several other utilities also. There was a time when this product was molded into the shape of corners or into L shape, caps, and plates and so on. But, now the polystyrene packaging has got new dimension.

Helps in easy transportation:

Since the recent past, packaging of materials has been done in a tray molded out of polystyrene. This is considered as a revolutionary change in the packaging industry. The design of the trays is customized to suit the material that is being kept in the tray. Such trays are being extensively used for packing delicate items like glass, artifacts and such other materials. With this type of packing, the product can be comfortably transported without causing any damage to the product.

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