What are the unique features of expanded polystyrene?

What is EPS Polystyrene?

As you know polystyrene has become a very important product in the packaging industry. This is because Polystyrene is a good shock absorber and also it is lightweight. In order to extend the utilities of Polystyrene, manufactures have added extra density to it and made it expanded polystyrene and this is abbreviated as EPS. These polystyrene (EPS) packaging materials are able to absorb extra shock and weight. At the same time, it also acts as a very effective step to protect the goods from getting damaged.

Types of  EPS products:

In addition to the above, the EPS products are also known for their ability to protect the goods from atmospheric pollution and also against moisture. With the help of this EPS technology, manufacturers have come up with products in different shapes like square, corners, balls, and rectangle and so on. As experts say, the EPS products have greater versatile application than those without it.

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