Expanded Polystyrene is a great boon for the packaging industry

Brief introduction:

The packaging industry has derived greater benefits from the expanded Polystyrene also called as EPS. As you know, one of the unique qualities of EPS is its ability to absorb shocks and jerks. This is one of the greatest utility of Expanded Polystyrene for the packaging industry. In so far as the process of manufacture of EPS is concerned, the polystyrene beads are further processed in a steam chamber. After this process, using a different technology the beads are strengthened. Now, the beads gain volume. They become resistant to shocks and jerks and they will also gain the strength to withstand considerable weight.

Other utilities:

Apart from the packaging industry, this unique product is used in various other industries like the electrical industry where it is used as an insulator. In the chemical industry, it is used for storing and transporting chemicals and other solvents. In the medical industry, it is used for packing and transporting highly sterile materials. In short EPS products have multifarious utilities.

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