Numerous utilities of Polystyrene

Can be put to several uses:

Basically Polystyrene is manufactured from one of the extracts of petroleum. Interestingly, Polystyrene is lightweight but is capable of absorbing shocks. Because of this characteristic, this product is being largely used in the packaging industry. The versatile Polystyrene is also used in the manufacture of toys, few of the construction related products like the nuts and bolts, cutleries like the cups, plates and so on.  Polystyrene is also being used in the electrical industries also.  In fact, the beans in your beanbag are also a product of Polystyrene.

Eco friendly:

On the other hand, this product is eco friendly. It can be recycled several times. Some people argue they are very slow in the process of biodegradation. But, it is argued that since the product are recycled; they do not cause any harmful effect on the environment. The product is available in different colors. Normally, they are available in sheets of varying sizes and thickness.

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