Benefits of sheets made out of Polystyrene

Sheets are used for making the end product:

As you know, polystyrene blocks and beads are extensively used in packaging industries and in various other industries. In fact, these industries use the Polystyrene Sheets for manufacturing the final products. Take for example the toy industry. Toys are made by cutting the sheets made out of polystyrene into appropriate size and shape. They are then colored and decorated appropriately. Therefore, the end product of Polystyrene industry, namely the sheets become the raw material for other industries like the electrical, construction, toys and so on.

bolt box 2

Available in different sizes and thickness:

The sheets are available in different sizes and thickness. The normal size is 1200mmX600mm with thickness varying from 25 mm to 100 mm. There is another larger size sheet which measures 2440mmX1200mm with varying thickness. Most of the manufacturers of these sheets also bring out customized sheets with required sizes, thickness and also color combination. The Polystyrene products are considerably economical and they are eco friendly also.

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